further information on autism, ADHD and other neurodivergencies

Below is a whole bunch of further reading, that relates to the definitions in the Glossary – websites, books and online videos. Some are here because they are my favourites, or because they explain a complex topic nicely, and some are here to hopefully show you both sides of a debate. You will find more links on specific topics within many of the individual glossary entries. I in no way endorse any of these websites, they are here simply because I feel that they may be of use to you, if you want more information in that area. I would also encourage you to research around that topic further to ensure you’re getting the full picture.

Each item in the websites, blogs and videos sections is a direct link to an external web page and these will open in a separate window.

websites with clear explanations and further support

websites and online articles for those who want to delve deeper


What I Want to Talk About – How Autistic Special Interests Shape a Life by Pete Wharmby – I love this book! The title speaks for itself.
Strong Female Character, a memoir by Fern Brady – You’ll go through all of the emotions reading this account of being undiagnosed until adulthood. Superb.
Spectrum Women: Walking to the beat of Autism, edited by Cook & Garnett – A MUST READ!
Fingers in the Sparkle Jar, a memoir by Chris Packham – a beautiful book with a really quirky, intense style. If your special interest is nature, read this!
Different, Not Less, a memoir by Chloe Hayden – a really accessible read and perfect for younger adults and Disney fans!
Letters To My Weird Sisters: on autism, feminism and motherhood by Joanne Limburg – thought provoking, moving but not recommended as an introductory read.
Autism in Adults by Dr Luke Beardon, a big fan of all things autistic and a great advocate. A fantastically helpful read for newly diagnosed and undiagnosed adults.
Un-Typical: how the world isn’t built for autistic people and what we should all do about it by Pete Wharmby – angry, honest, brilliant – a great starting point.
Drama Queen – One Autistic Woman and a Life of Unhelpful Labels by Sara Gibbs – it’s on my shelf, ready to read, and one of our community members recommends it
Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig – a mixture of memoir and advice – a wonderful, positive book that had me in tears