If you live in Scotland, your guidelines on the diagnosis and management of ADHD and autism will apparently be advised by SIGN (Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network) rather than by NICE, though, just to add to the confusion, SIGN’s guidelines are accredited by NICE anyway!

Here are SIGN’s autism guidelines.

Their ADHD guidelines are proving hard to locate, as there seems to be inconsistent provision for ADHD assessments for adults in Scotland, so here is a more general link to SIGN’s main website and we can only hope that they will get their act together soon.

Here’s a helpful article from the Scottish ADHD Coalition

So, if you’re seeking a formal diagnosis in Scotland, you should be looking to make sure your potential diagnostician is compliant with SIGN. Though as SIGN is accredited by NICE, it really doesn’t matter which of these appears on their profile, as long as there is one of them.

I have to be honest and say that nothing that I have read over the last few months, as far as neurodivergent provision in Scotland, has given me any reason to believe that those with the power to improve our lot are on the ball. I shall be moving there soon, so I will update this if I am proved wrong.