Rejection sensitivity, also known as rejection sensitivity dysphoria (RSD), has been explained so simply and perfectly in this article on the Psychology Today website, there’s nothing I can add that can improve upon it right now.

It is thought that ADHDers and autistics are more likely to experience the emotional turmoil that is part and parcel of rejection sensitivity, though this is far from being universally agreed upon. There are online questionnaires that you can complete to ‘test’ whether you might have RSD, but they are as flawed as every other rigid, multiple choice form of assessment out there.

Have a read of the article and see if you identify. From personal experience and anecdotal evidence, I believe that rejection sensitivity is a really big issue for many neurodivergents – one that deserves to be taken more seriously, as it has an impact on so much of our lives. But that’s just my opinion. 🙂