The rainbow circle is a neurodivergent icon used by some organisations and preferred by some neurodivergents. The idea is that we are all different but all interconnected. It really is just a symbol. You can identify with this, or the infinity symbol, the puzzle piece, the rainbow, the ribbon, or none of those and make up your own.

The frustration, for me, is the lack of unity on what the neurodivergent symbol is. It makes it much harder to identify others like us, to find our communities, to spot other neurodivergents in the street, at a venue, online… That would be really handy! The Gentle Autistic communities, alone, show how positive finding our tribes can feel for us.

I do worry that using any form of rainbows is confusing, as it is a symbol that is associated with the LGBTQIA+ community, and has been for decades. That’s not to say that the LGBTQIA+ community isn’t also part of our community – I just worry that we’re treading on the toes of other communities and this leaves no one really getting their message across. LGBTQIA+ AND neurodivergent – YES a rainbow circle makes sense. I know it’s all about inclusion, but we surely have to know who we’re including, otherwise rainbow symbols might as well represent the whole of humanity.

This, clearly, is just a personal rumination. That’s mostly because I can’t see that the rainbow circle adds anything fresh to the world, other than the avoidance of the dreaded puzzle piece.