Quirks. I possibly don’t need to explain, to a lot of you, why an A to Z won’t feel right unless I put at least one entry under every letter of the alphabet.

So, quirks is my offering for Q. I love the word – it acknowledges my ‘weird’ behaviours, but in a friendly and endearing way. I’ve always explained my oddities as quirks, mostly because I’ve had no better explanation for them. I still use the word on occasions when I can’t be bothered to go through the rigmarole of trying to explain why I do something that seems a little… different to the norm. Someone might point out that I’m sitting with my tongue between my lips, or that I’m continuously moving my legs – whilst standing or sitting 0r lying, actually. If there’s a large space in a room, I get such an overwhelming need to do a bit of modern dance/ballet (my version of it), sometimes I just can’t help myself! These, are some of my quirks.

When my younger daughter was small, they felt such joy, each time I tidied their devastated orange room, with its orange walls, orange curtains, orange rug on an orange carpet, made the orange bed, refilled their orange storage crates, and rearranged their favourite cuddlies (orange ones), they would roll around on the beautifully clear floor with delight. Every time! Quirks are special.

This turned out to be a very enjoyable Q to write!