Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training in Learning Disability and Autism for Health Care Professionals is still in development. In fact, at time of writing, you can go online and complete a questionnaire to say whether you feel this Amendment to the Health and Care Act 2022 is adequate, and you can do so until 16 October 2023. The link is here

Unfortunately, this only seems to be relevant to autistic and learning (intellectually) disabled people living in England. You can still complete the survey but the results don’t seem to impact any other part of the UK. Baffling.

For some background on how the Oliver McGowan Training has come about, you might want to read about Oliver McGowan’s story. Content warning: It is a heartbreaking and difficult read about a situation that was completely avoidable, hence the need for more training in Health and Care services. Oliver’s family have worked really hard to bring these changes about.