The NHS Right To Choose is a system that has been in place since 2018. This right refers to the individual’s right to choose which hospital/consultant etc their GP refers them to. This applies to almost all physical and mental health conditions. It also applies to ADHD and autism assessments. This means, with waiting lists being so long at present (three years in some areas), we are able to identify where in the country the lists are shorter. We can then choose that hospital if we wish to, including private hospitals, if the cost to the NHS is no higher than an NHS consultation, which is more frequent than you’d think. It’s all sounding very progressive so far, right?

I think you realise there’s going to be a BIG BUT. Unfortunately, for reasons that frustrate me and are likely to be to do with separate governments, different funding levels and all the other political nonsense that is unhelpful for us, only those of you living in England have the Right to Choose, if you’re seeking assessment via the NHS system.

So, for those of you living in England and interested in seeking any diagnosis, though I obviously mention it here specifically to help neurodivergent people who want to speed up their diagnostic process, this link will tell you more: NHS – Your legal right to choose. The important point to remember is that this right relies on you getting a referral via your GP. So there’s your first challenge – getting a GP appointment!

This is obviously ridiculously unfair for the rest of the UK and for parts of Britain, such as the Channel Islands, whose experience is still worse. One of our Community members, from the Guernsey, has been point blank refused assessment for autism as that island only undertakes them for children! Disgraceful and sad.

With this is mind, if you can afford to, a private ADHD/autism diagnosis is well worth considering if a formal diagnosis is important to you. I will be adding a list of trusted Clinical Psychologists shortly, and will add links via this page.