Oh the joy of autistic joy!

These joyful little interviews ← click here with autistic people sum up so beautifully what autistic joy feels like, and when they experience it.

So much of life is complicated for autistic people and ADHDers. We face daily battles to achieve what neurotypical people are able to take for granted. Perhaps this is why, when we do experience pure joy inside us, we are so aware of it, and bask in it. You’ll know it when you’re feeling it, so you don’t need me here to describe what it is and what will give you the feeling – only you know that!

Here are some connected glossary entries anyway, mainly because I feel a joy-inducing list coming on…

And the best bit of all of this is that, now we know who and why we are as we are – our guilt-ridden, time-consuming ‘hobbies’ now have the “ABSOLUTELY MUST BE ENCOURAGED” autistic stamp of approval. Hurray! This means we can give ourselves permission to do those things that give us joy. We genuinely do need to seek those fixes, to counteract the bad stuff and to reduce our anxiety to levels that enable us to function.

We need to spend less time being who we ‘ought’ to be and more time being who we NEED to be. And that goes for all neurotypes, not just neurodivergents.