Infodumping often relates to our special interests though it can be in any area that we are knowledgeable. When we are passionate about a project, topic, hobby, specialism, we just want to share all those delicious facts with the world! It’s fascinating and exciting to us and we cannot imagine why everyone else won’t feel the same way! So we will pack in the facts, down to the tiniest of detail. There may well be photos, demonstrations, and, if the person hasn’t already left, they’ll leave armed with a pile of further reading that they didn’t ask for!

This is infodumping – it gives us joy! Our special interests are one of the most brilliant aspects of being neurodivergent and infodumping is an endearing part of that. Here’s a concise little summary of infodumping and a good suggestion of how to make sure a group of autistic people can ALL share their interests when time is limited:  Infodumping – Autistic Love Language by Christopher Whelan.