The infinity symbol – ♾️is a figure of 8 that has been pushed over so it lies sideways, hence it is sometimes referred to as a ‘lazy 8’. It’s called the infinity symbol because the shape has a continuous, never-ending (infinite) flow.

It’s a mathematical symbol that’s been in use for centuries. The infinity symbol, when in rainbow colours, signifies Autistic Pride – it’s roots coming from Gay Pride, or simply Pride.

Often you will see it in gold, when it relates to autism. This reflects the fact that autism starts with the letters au and au is the chemical symbol for gold.

You’ll notice that The Gentle Autistic’s logo has an infinity symbol. I would have liked to use a shade of gold – probably ochre – but I was wary of copying other sites and I also wanted it to go with the gentle colour scheme!

In the end, this symbol is an international, easily identifiable way to celebrate who we are, without words. The infinity symbol is a badge of honour for many and it helps us to recognise each other. Some autistic people prefer other symbols, such as the controversial jigsaw piece – we’ll return to that another time! Many don’t feel that any symbol at all is important to them. It’s our personal choice, as ever.