I’m going to make a sweeping generalisation here, when I declare that autistic people are more honest than most neurotypes.

This isn’t necessarily that we’re more kind, though many of us show very high levels of emotional empathy with others, it’s simply that it doesn’t occur to us to be any other way.

This is, by and large, one of the most frustrating and endearing aspects of being autistic. Frustrating for us, because lying is ridiculously hard, if not impossible, even when telling the truth is detrimental to us! Endearing because, hey, what a world it would be if everyone just told the truth. Imagine how straightforward life would be?

Autistic people, in general, hate injustice. Possibly, in part, because we’ve spent our lives knowing what being on the receiving end of that feels like. I have got myself into all sorts of trouble over the years because I just cannot accept injustice and lies. I’m not sure speaking up has done me any good whatsoever, and it has definitely caused me harm. But I haven’t changed. I can’t change.

Part of being autistic is a common difficulty ‘reading’ people that aren’t autistic. That ‘reading’ often involves reading between the lines, the unspoken inferences. The wile, the game-playing. We’re just not very good at all that. It’s yet another complication of life that causes us distress, confusion and endless miscommunication.

We do have a reputation for being blunt, which can come across as rude. I would say that very few of us intend to be rude. But when someone asks, to coin a phrase, ‘do I look good in this?’. Why would anyone ask that question if the only acceptable response is ‘you look great!’? Why ask the question then? That’s the kind of pointlessness that many of us don’t understand.

I have been told for my entire life that I’m naive and gullible, as if being trusting is a fault. I’m only naive and gullible if other people are trying to deceive me. Other than that, I’m just me.