Being gentle with ourselves and with others, particularly other neurodivergent people. One of the main aims of this website, and its associated Facebook groups, is to share this message with each other.

Some of us are struggling with not knowing who and why we are and are still looking for explanations. Some of us now know we’re neurodivergent but don’t quite know what to do with that in any practical way.  Alongside that, some of us may be supporting other family members or friends who are also neurodivergent, and huge numbers of us are carrying around trauma from our pasts, as if the rest of it isn’t enough.

There’s a good chance that many of us are experiencing burnout as all of this is going on at the same time as having to try to continue to function in our everyday lives and all that they entail. We’re all just trying to tread water in order to stay afloat.

Many of us have learned to be quite harsh with ourselves for not doing enough, for not being enough. But we absolutely are enough. We’re here, we’re surviving, and we’re helping others to do the same – and that is worth celebrating. We don’t need to change the world single handedly, or to be the best at anything.

We do need to be kind, patient and compassionate with ourselves and with other neurodivergents, who may be very different to us, with very differing views, despite also being neurodivergent.

We don’t suddenly need to know the ‘right’ neurodivergent language to use, for instance. It doesn’t suddenly become our responsibility to ‘do it right’. Let’s just take a breath, absorb it, and get comfortable with our newly revealed identities, whatever age we may be. How about we just sit with it for a bit and take the pressure off ourselves and others?