There’s a world of fidget toys out there for us! Fidget toys enable us to stim. Stimming gives us stress relief, enjoyment, relaxation, release of frustration or boredom. The great thing about fidget toys is that they are less obtrusive in public than some of stims – jumping, hand flapping, foot wiggling, leg bouncing, pacing and so many more. These are all great, and not to be discouraged, but there are times when they’re just not practical. This is where fidget toys come into their own.

Fidget spinners took off as a huge craze for all neurotypes a few years ago, having been developed as a stimming toy for us lot! You can also buy toys that offer the same sensation as bubble wrap popping, cubes covered in lovely clickable switches and dials, stress ‘balls’ of every shape, fake games controllers, bike chain-style, rollers to squeeze – so so many  that click, whizz, pop, rotate, squeeze. These are ALL centred around occupying our hands. For me, with my ever-moving feet, they are okay, but not ideal. However, there are now stretch bands that are specifically for the entertainment of our feet and legs, whilst sitting on a chair. There are also squishy pads for beneath our feet. For those who like a good chew, there are safe, chewable pencil toppers and chewelry.

I feel really heartened by the number of fidget toys on the market. Stimming is being de-stigmatised and, as it is so vital in helping to regulate us.