Chewelry – this is a funny little entry! I promise I’m not making this up – it’s actually A THING. A lot of autistic people get a great deal of stress relief from chewing. My go-to is wine gums or midget gems. I also like bubble gum but I don’t like the after effects on my stomach, when it doesn’t get the food it’s expecting, I also worry that I look like a member of the Pink Ladies from Grease.

Anyway, there’s a world of chewelry out there, if chewing is one of your comforts – one of your stims. They come in different densities and styles – necklaces, bracelets – all sorts, all kind of rubbery. I bought a necklace that looks cool enough for no one to know it’s an autistic comfort thing – it’s just a funky necklace – but I find it doesn’t quite hit the mark. I need something softer and a different shape that can reach my back teeth.

This is a very personal choice and you might have to buy a few before you find something that suits you.