Click here for the National Bullying Helpline number and their support guides

Bullying is obviously not an experience that’s specific to neurodivergent people, but rare would be the neurodivergent person who hasn’t been on the receiving end of it at some point in our lives, probably at multiple points, in multiple environments, maybe you still are.

I’ve chosen to add bullying to this glossary, as an unfortunate feature of our lives, because I believe it is important to acknowledge that our neurological differences make us easy targets for those who are on the look out for anyone who may be vulnerable, frightened and extremely trusting. Someone who may have learning difficulties, learning disabilities as well, perhaps. Someone who may not detect the hidden agendas of some unscrupulous individuals, or know how to escape them. Add to this that many neurodivergent people are members of other minority groups, and those group members experience bullying to a greater degree than most (see intersectionality). Is it any wonder that so many of us carry such trauma around with us?

The take away from this entry is to remember that you are not at fault for assuming that other people are as straightforward and honest as you are, as kind and sensitive as you are, and as open-minded and gentle as you are. Bullies are cowards, that’s why they pick on vulnerable people. You, on the other hand, have survived, maybe even thrived, in a world that is not designed for us. That makes you the opposite of a coward. It makes you strong and plucky. My husband called me plucky yesterday and I thought what a great word that is, I’ll have that!

If you feel you are being bullied, for any reason, you will find support by contacting the National Bullying Helpline – a UK organisation, run by volunteers, to help both adults and children that have experienced bullying and who need guidance. There are telephone numbers for numerous other organisations there too, and guides to download – whatever works for you. If you’d like to volunteer for the National Bullying Helpline, you’ll find that information on the website too.

There is more information that may be of help to you on the cyberbullying glossary page.


Click here for the National Bullying Helpline number and their support guides