Asperger’s Syndrome – despite the name, it is not Hans Asperger’s theory that led to the development of Asperger’s Syndrome as a diagnosis – that was British psychologist, Lorna Wing. However, it is Asperger’s Nazi association during the Second World War which led to the removal of Asperger’s Syndrome as a diagnostic classification.

Asperger’s used to be the diagnosis of an autistic person who was considered ‘high functioning’ – that term is no longer used diagnostically either. High and low functioning and Asperger’s have all been combined with the label autism to form Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Some people still describe themselves as Asperger’s, and this is understandable as it has been their long-term identity. Some use the, less politically loaded, informal term aspie, and some prefer to be referred to as ND, ASD or autistic.

With a content warning attached (it’s not easy to read) you’ll find more information on the controversy around Hans Asperger in this British Psychological Society article.