Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is a widely used form of behavioural therapy for adults and children who display supposedly ‘unwanted’ behaviours, including autistic traits around eating behaviours, communication and social skills, to name a few. ABA gained a bad reputation as the technique originally involved punishments to remove unwanted behaviours, as well as rewards. In addition, its critics argue that to attempt to remove certain behaviours shows a complete lack of respect for neurodivergent people’s innate differences; to try to change someone’s natural and stress-relieving behaviours (stimming, for instance) is going to lead to longterm negative consequences. And why can’t we just be respected for who we are?

There are endless arguments on both sides of this debate and these can easily be found on the internet. But I added a link to a nicely summarised and neutral introduction to the controversy in the Information section or, to go directly to the article, click here.